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SStudios by Shaun Attard

SStudios by Shaun Attard specializes in providing high end creative design, Mobile design & development, UX/UI, web and marketing solutions to the international and offline specializing in iGaming, Mobile and Professional Photography.

SStudios expertise is multi-disciplinary, cross-continental and spans multiple media and channels. We know the impact that design and technology have on business, and the importance of branding, marketing and relationships. Drawing on our understanding of business objectives, audience needs and our collective skills, we collaborate with our clients to uncover hidden business opportunities that lead to increased impact and productivity – a clear and comprehensive positioning, streamlined operation and enhanced bottom line.

I am the possible

I am the impossible. I am the idea too bold to be chained, too powerful to be tamed. I am the big bang. I’m changing the game – for all you worriers, doubters, preventers. I am the idea that has to be born, the revolution that has to be won, the story that has just begun. I am unstoppable. A rocket, a cannonball, a body lighter than wind, stronger than storm. I am born electric. I am sheer energy, the force of tomorrow. I am the possible.

Options built for you

As an independent media creation agency we are your one stop shop for your planning and design specialist needs and we deliver and integrate advertising campaigns on all major platforms. We do this for big and small businesses and have worked with hundreds of household brands internationally.
Our exceptional industry reputation means we are members of the Incorporated Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and an official Google Partner.

Lightning Fast

Providing the highest Standard in Creative Services with the best turn around times available

Mobile Ready

Professional Mobile Solutions done right, returning the best results that meet you personal or commercial requirements

Problems ?

Let us put out the fire, more then just creative minds we solve problems for your business and put out fires to make sure we keep your business on the path to success

Powerful Options

We Discover and implement only the most powerful options & solutions that fit your business needs


We are at your service so that you can relax and focus on the master plan while we seemlessly execute all your media requirements

Customer Support

Our team of experts are here to assist and support your organisation so that you are never stuck allowing for you business to keep moving forward

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Earning trust, building Relationships

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Clients Love us !

“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.

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